Recipe book roulette, week 1 – 10

I don’t, generally, do New Year’s Resolutions.

I think I went for about a decade of saying ‘to quit smoking’ every time I was asked during that first day back at school/work conversation people always have. But people soon sussed I was cheating/not taking it seriously as I don’t smoke anyway.

But like usual, I digress.

My point is this year is different, and I have made a slightly different resolution to go with it. The plan is to cook a new meal from one of our recipe books every week.


And so far, we’ve loved it.

We both enjoy cooking so have been taking it (mostly) in turns. And we’ve both served up highlights for me – my personal one being tackling, triumphantly, a crab soufflé.

While my partner’s plates of Jamie Oliver’s super squid, feta and (veggie) chorizo with mint cous cous make me smile just thinking of them. Mostly because it was delicious and just minutes after his elaborate marriage proposal was revealed.. but I might have to come to the latter another day.

Time for food..


^ The aforementioned cous cous dish.


^ A close up of the crab and ketchup souffle from One by Florence Knight

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We are trying to score them as we go, more to keep track than anything, which can be seen HERE on my Instagram.

I strongly recommend it, we just try to plan ahead – pimp the shopping list – and make it on a weekend so we have more time (usually for the washing up).

Maybe I should have started making resolutions a while ago?…

Birthday cakes for Delia Smith

June’s Chichester cake club fell on the 18th, aka Delia Smith’s birthday and so the theme was set.

ippWe could bake anything, as long as the recipe belonged to the Queen of home cooking.
The results were brilliant, obviously. I chose the banana chocolate chip slice..cake.. which I’ve already made since as it is both really easy and really delicious.

Less of a batter and more of a crumble it did scare me before going in, but it turned out beautifully and served still warm from the oven with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream it managed to keep some of my male friends quiet which is always a good test of success.

Before oven

Before oven



This is the gang..


And here’s a collection of other bakes from the night..

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