Danish rye bread cake – tastes nicer than it sounds

As my previous post – HERE – reveals May’s ‘diary’ themed cake club meeting saw people share baby news and an insight to busy lives.

While I used it as a chance to recreate an unusual bake I’d eaten when I met Danish Vikings – I would promise my life isn’t always that random, but my job as a feature writer often helps ensure it is.

Anyway. This was it.


I know. It doesn’t scream Vikings. There’s no long boat, or horns (the latter of which I learnt was a lie anyway) but I promise it did have links to the historic troublemakers.

With the recipe for the Viking crumble cake being sent to me by the lovely Mrs Jesper Lynge.

(He looks like this)

Picture by BrknRib Photography

Picture by BrknRib Photograph

She plaited his beard at one point and it was hilarious, but that is neither here or there.

Hisilicon K3

For the Viking Crumble Cake, you’ll need:

100g (Danish) rye bread
100g finely chopped hazelnuts
6 eggs
200g cane sugar
1 tsp baking soda
Jam, whipped cream and roughly chopped chocolate (for filling)

Start by buttering your chosen tin(s) – I split it into two that I usually use for Victoria Sponges – and prehead the oven at 200oC.

I didn't have a blender..

I didn’t have a blender..


  1. Blend 100g (Danish) rye bread with 100g hazelnuts.
  2. Beat up 6 egg yolks with 200g cane sugar.
  3. Beat the egg whites until stiff.
  4. Mix the blended ryebread and hazelnuts with 1 tablespoon of baking soda.
  5. Mix the blended rye and nuts with the egg yolks
  6. Carefully stir the egg whites in the mix
  7. Put the cake mix in a buttered springform pan sprinkled with sugar
  8. Bake in the oven for 7-8 minutes at 200 degree Celsius
  9. Slide the cake in two cake layers
  10. Put jam and whipped cream on top of the first cake layer
  11. Put the next layer on top of the cake and cover with whipped cream and chopped chocolate

It was a weird process, but the result is actually pretty yummy. The rye and nuts make for a great sponge which balances the sweetness of the toppings.

Hisilicon K3

Umm.. appetising! 

Leftovers make good trifles

Leftovers make good trifles

Birthdays and babies at Chichester’s Clandestine Cake Club

‘Are you looking forward to bake off?’ I was timidly asked this morning.

Which would muster a ‘is the pope catholic’ response only sometimes I feel that I my commitment to Mary Berry outshines many religious callings.

Like many followers of the baking way of life, I am a member of the Clandestine Cake Club and you can read about some of the sweet adventures we’ve had in Chichester HERE .

Alas life has seen me miss a couple, for March’s I was HERE  and in May I was on a culinary tour of Denmark.. but I’ll come to that later.

Which leaves April’s Birthday Bonanza to mark member Mel’s 30th.
The theme was very much planned with a party in mind and offered bakers the chance to cook up ‘something you’d want to blow the candles out on’ or ‘something you’d make for a little one’.

For me at least , Ian’s castle creation ticked both of those boxes.

Hisilicon K3

As for the rest of the table, rainbow centres, sprinkles and chocolate also got a good showing…


May’s event came with a ‘diary theme’ with the idea being to bake something that reflects the month just gone.

The lovely Clare probably had the biggest news to share (her ‘s is third from left in this picture..)


A baked baby buggy!

Others brought to La Havana’s underground bar, which was our host for the night, marked Mother’s Day, busy schedules and in my case trips abroad.


Which brings me quite nicely to Vikings.

But I think that deserves a post in its own right…

As ever if you fancy joining in with our club, you’d be more than welcome!
Details can be found HERE

A moment of calm

Life hey?

It’s quite something.

I’m not going to make excuses. We all have them. Instead I’ll just try and catch up with myself.

Truffle cake

Truffle cake

Let’s start with cake shall we?ipp

The first cake club of 2015 gave a tasty twist to the idea of January sales, with the ‘budget’ bakes having to come to less than £5.

I went to one extreme – with a rum and dark chocolate truffle (trying to squeeze out every penny) while another member whipped up a Lidl all-in-one ginger cake mix which I believe cost 69p!

Loaf cakes were definitely on trend.


For Feb we went red and spicy, it is only right after all.

Hisilicon K3


The one in the centre at the bottom, picture above, was arguably the most unusual as the chocolate and raspberry exterior posted a peppercorn sponge underneath – surprisingly tasty!

Carrying on clockwise, the other chocolate number boasted ‘red soda’ in the batter, next was my offering – a giant cinnamon roll, top was cherries, then a nutty nutella number and finally raspberry and lemon.


Cake club isn’t the only thing in my diary, but it is a nice, regularly, monthly anchor. Which, when you are working in the future all of the time is not only nice but needed. It also reminds me that for March I missed it because I was exploring the south of France…

But, not wanting to go from a blog famine to flood, I’ll save that for now.


Christmas cakes with a twist


You know how they say a builder’s house is never finished.. it seems a writer’s blog is never written!
Popping that on my resolutions list for sure. But for now.. let there be Christmas cake.

November’s Chichester Clandestine Cake meeting was one of the tastiest yet.. which is saying something.
FEAST your eyes on this


So good, and impossible to name. The closest we got has a hazelnut meringue layered, poached pear in mulled wine, toffee and caramel cake topped with meringue mushrooms. Made by Laure , who last appeared at cake club on the previous November meeting.. it had me thinking she might be Santa. And it was just the start of the festive baked treats..



ippI think the maths made it 10 cakes and 12 people.. but to be honest I was on such a sugar high I couldn’t be sure.

My offering was a Chocolate and Christmas Pudding Baked Cheesecake that looked a bit like this..

IMG_20131120_182607Recipe inspired by the culinary goddess Sophie, aka The Cake Hunter. It’s the first time I had made a baked cheesecake and won’t be the last.

Baking a wedding buffet ~ homemade jammie dodgers and other delights

Mr & Mrs Slaughter

Mr & Mrs Slaughter

So the first of my school friends have taken the plunge – there is no going back, for any of us – into the world of married life.
I’ve been to two weddings before – but they were both for the same uncle so I don’t think that counts.
It certainly felt different, the fact it was one of my generation and I was honoured to be asked to play a bakey part in it.

I don’t know if I went over the top.

But I did bake a bit of a mountain –  roughly 170 chocolate brownies, jammie dodgers and chocolate-dipped gingerbread.
DSCN4201Now I have blogged about the brownies before and even featured my fair share of gingerbread – leaving.. *drum roll please*

Jammie Dodgers – saying it in XFactor man’s voice works well I think.

It started with pinterest and finding this recipe which, for the most part, I stuck to.

(During my practise make I pimped them with my mum’s homemade Elderflower & Gooseberry Curd)

For the big day I think I quadrupled the quantities but this makes a nice bunch for everyday..


250g butter, softened
150g caster sugar
1 medium egg yolk
½ tsp vanilla extract
300g plain flour
6 tbsp jam
Two cutters – one for top and bottom and one for the jammie hole.

Cream together the butter and sugar in a large bowl.
Beat in the egg yolk and vanilla.
Add the flour and mix in well – using your hands is always best.
Knead gently on a lightly floured surface, then divide into two pieces, form into a roll and wrap in cling film.

Leave to chill for at least 20-30 mins.
Set the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas Mark 4.
On a lightly floured surface, roll out each piece of dough to just a bit less than 5mm thick – it sounds a bit captain obvious to say it but keep count of how many bottoms you have (without a hole cut for jam) and how many tops (with hole) I lost count and sadly had to eat a lot of the bottoms…
Put on the baking sheets in batches and bake for 10-12 mins until pale golden.
Take off the tray and cool on a wire rack, sandwich with the jam and keep in an airtight tin.

2013-09-25 18.50.00

2013-09-26 07.15.28


More of the wedding bake

More of the wedding bake
The buffet

The buffet




Packet cakes and summer bakes

September 1? Who allowed this to happen?
To be honest it worried me more that the Xfactor is back on the telly box.. as you know what that means.. one day we’ll wake up and it’ll be Christmas!

DSCN3985Anyway, what better way to sooth the pain celebrate, than a double serving from Chichester’s Clandestine Cake Club?

July’s meeting was genius, as, perhaps inspired by the start of the summer holidays and a lot of our members being mum’s the theme was simple – packet cakes – making us feel a little like rule breakers.. it is a baking club after all.

We met at the gorgeous courtyard gardens of Amelie and Friends and did what we do best – eat and chat.. oh and drink cocktails.


The cakey results were surprisingly good thanks to Betty Crocker’s efforts more than anyones but the sugar rush was off the scale – and we know what we are talking about on that one!

We had red velvet, lemon drizzle, carrot, chocolate and fruit laden masterpieces.

My contribution was a German Schokino Kuchen (chocolate chip cake with glaze.)
Having to translate the instructions added a bit of adventure but the result passed the test – as in the leftovers were soon hoovered up.



As is becoming common now our unusual gathering – which I think must look like the most bizarre birthday party ever – got some attention with some fellow rather merry diners offering us their sports club for the next meeting as well as their hands in marriage.. but that is a whole other story.

DSCN4092August’s CCC meeting was held at Chichester’s Belle Isle and the theme was “Summer Holiday.”

Sadly I ran out of time to make a Cliff Richards cake so settled for a Apricot and Raspberry Ripple instead.

Now I wanted to share a real flavour of the cakes we get at our clubs, so with pen and trusty napkin in hand – I know, as a writer for a living you would think I would always have a notepad..


Anyway back to the point cake.

Here is the list in order of consumption;

Coffee and Chocolate,
Greek coffee and walnut,
Gooseberry and elderflower (my mum’s),
My apricot and raspberry,
A starfish with chocolate shells,
Passionfruit and custard,
Elderflower cordial,
Blueberry and nectarine crumble,
Raspberry, white chocolate and almond,
Blackberry and pineapple,
“Deserted Beach” lemon cake,
then last but not least Swiss roll with buttercream and white currant jam.

Elderflower cordial (closest)

Elderflower cordial (closest)

The starfish

The starfish

Close up of my ripple cake

Close up of my ripple cake

Gluten free raspberry cake (closest)

Gluten free raspberry cake (closest)

The Swiss roll Southsea rock

The Swiss roll Southsea rock

Deserted Beach

Deserted Beach

Eating underway.. gooseberry and elderflower (at front)

Eating underway.. gooseberry and elderflower (at front)

Phew! And it is only 17 days until the next meeting. If you want to find out more please click here  meanwhile I should probably go and do some exercise.. : )



A double serving of the Clandestine Cake Club ~ naked and musical.

For our January CCC meeting we decided to try a different track, quite literally. We had Michael Jackson’s Black or White, My Girl Lollipop, Bed of Roses, Strawberry Fields and Barbie Girl. With a side portion of Spice Girls.

I made “Jammin'” Jamaican cake in the shape of a jam jar with cola laces for dreads but didn’t get a photo. I keep doing that, which might be an excuse for my lack of blogs, nothing to do with my addiction to crochet, no…

2013-01-23 19.35.59

2013-01-23 19.36.122013-01-23 19.34.42

2013-01-23 19.34.58

2013-01-23 19.35.36 2013-01-23 19.35.19

So I should probably explain the naked.

Not nude as in rude but as in icing free, our February meeting thankfully bypassed any themes involving hearts and turned into a “pimp my cake” session instead.

One of our members, Charlotte Briggs, teaches cake decoration. I went to a class for a feature a little while ago so was looking forward to refreshing my almost-non-existent piping skills.

I made lemon and blueberry sponge inspired by my favourite cupcakes

Lemon and blueberry sponge


And then made it prettier. Only I didn’t want to cover all of it, thinking it was nice to see the blueberries so I went a little abstract.

2013-02-20 20.16.58


And I was really chuffed with the results, as were my fellow cake clubbers

2013-02-20 20.09.47 2013-02-20 20.16.49Needless to say the sugar high was taken to new levels having devoured our bodyweight in butter cream…