2016. The Review. Pt2


I do love a food special, and this month proved to be a feast.

As well as learning about the wonders of sheep’s milk with Top Paddock Dairy and tucking into proper pub grub in Oving , I had the wonderful opportunity of time-travelling thanks to the Repast supperclub.

The latter, as bewildering as it might sound, was the simple but brilliant idea of Haywards Heath chef Sam Bilton.

Our culinary adventure was back to Venice’s rich past, and from start…


(polenta squares topped with salted cod and mushrooms)

To the end…


(fritelli – almond filled donut fritters)

It was amazing.


I’m sticking with food and I’m not even sorry, I mean how often to you get to talk to a chef whose signature dishes are all made using hotel room appliances?

From steaks steamed in the shower to a full English he insists is ‘better than the what you’d get in the buffet downstairs’, the aptly named George Egg has come up with in-genius ways to create it all.


Mermaids, flamingos and badgers in bowties – time for something a bit different.

HS Sugarhill Boutique 'Hartley Beach Scene Fit & Flare Dress' £49.jpg

My two favourites for July were Brighton fashion band Sugarhill Boutique (above) and the equally bright and brilliant Eastbourne alphabet by artist Clare Dales.



Lewes-based VRAC teas  would have claimed the top spot this month, if it wasn’t for my behind the scenes visit to Chichester’s Timothy Roe jewellers.

I mean this Goodwood bangle by them is reason enough that it was special..

Day at the races 1.jpg

…but for me it had a personal connection as this jewellers is where my engagement ring (finally) came from and I got to find out how it was made.

*Finally because I was the one choosing it, not because I am a bunny boiler. But I’m sure, one day, I’ll get around to sharing that story on here.

2014 ~ The first third

Losing an hour is one thing.

The fact it is April tomorrow is quite another.

But leaving the “how the?” until later here’s a quick catchup.. also known as #lifelately I believe? Since the last time I was here.


At work, among other things, I was writing about the tasty toppers from Miss Cake that look a bit like this..

'Love, Love Me Do' Cake Topper £16.99

And the glorious illustrations, doodled shoes and paper worlds crafted by Sam Pierpoint.

JPET Feb14 Sam Pierpoint

Outside of work I went on a Turkish adventure with “the gang” – my parents, my sister and both of our boyfriends – and a lot of more mature people, in a bus, in the rain. Mostly taking pictures of cats on various monuments.. but I’ll blog about that later.


Choosing a stand out article this month took me all of NO seconds. I got to interview this bearded beauty well respected tailoring expert.

Debenhams Patrick Grant JPET Feb14


Meanwhile, on planet earth, my manfriend moved home! Cutting a long story short – we used to work in the same office but he’s has spent the last two years in Kent as a sports editor, which was a bit weird. And rubbish. And we spent too much time on motorways and too little time together. So WOO!


Is still a month of mysteries. But etc-magazine-wise it looks rather swish. And looks a bit like this..

Sarah Moore JPET Apr14

The Exbury Egg

photos 015




DIY Christmas Jumper ~ Elephantastic

Manfriend’s mum loves that well known festive beast.. the elephant.

ippUm, yeah, so this jumper needed a bit of imagination. Not to mention it meant me having to do one of my least favourite things – drawing an elephant.

Honestly. They are up there with horses and photo-realistic faces when it comes to challenges and I will quite happily tip my hat in appreciation to anyone who manages to pull it off.

So yeah, there was that.. and adding antlers, a sleigh and the jolly man in red.

Needless to say this was the hardest jumper of the three…

But I think I pulled it off. Behold the one, semi decent, sketch of an elephant I will probably ever produce..

ippThen it was a task of sketching the templates for each colour onto bonderweb and pinning to the right colour felt..

ippA quick iron and cut out then the task of placing and layering began..

ippPeel, iron, layer, repeat.

Man was it fiddly. My suggestion would be to make each piece as large as possible. Fitting Santa’s face under his beard and hat would have been easier if I added some room for overlap.
Something I’ll remember that next year for sure.

ippCheck out the sparkly thread and black glittery felt.. it is the small things.

Hope you like them! I would love to hear your ideas for designs especially as my family have put in requests for this year.

I will start them earlier.. I will.. my famous last words : )





DIY Christmas Jumper ~ For the cheese addict

I love this picture. DSCN4709
Partly because I was feeling relieved the jumper fits.. but mostly because of that happy face.

My manfriend’s dad loves cheese but I’ll admit my original plan was to create a festive pasty jumper.. only getting a pasty to look like a pasty in felt is harder than you might imagine.

Cheese, the beautiful wedge of yellowness, however is easy peasy. And the straight lines and simple components made this the easiest jumper of the three I made.
I think Mr Mouse is summing up the Christmas feeling quite well too don’t you?

Time for a close up?



DIY Christmas Jumper ~ The Surfing Santa

I figured it was about time this blog lived up to its name and had some “stitch” to go with the “write” and the “up.”

DSCN4797So this is the first of three blogs on the jumpers I made pimped for the Christmas just gone.

They are beautifully simple, no knit, creations which really proves bonderweb can be your best friend.

Granted it would have been easier if my four sewing machines hadn’t all had a strop just when I needed them but hey, handstitching can be good for the soul.

So here goes.
Last year I made a slightly cannibalistic gingerbread jumper for myself and a snowman stick-up one for my manfriend… which probably say more about us than is healthy.
This year “surfing Santa” was made for manfriend’s brother.. no prizes for guessing he is a fan of wave riding himself.

My favourite thing is you can feature whatever you want. All you need is an idea and a sketch. Felt in the right colours, the wonderful bonderweb and sewing things…

I started by breaking down the picture to create templates for each colour:

Breakin' it down

Breakin’ it down

I traced these onto bonderweb, ironed them onto the felt and cut out before beginning the layering:
(Be warned the first pic looks a bit like naked Golum.. creepy)



As I added each new bit I peeled off the bonderweb backing and ironed, repeating and building as I went.

When happy I used black to stitch the outline and detail.. playing particular attention to the manboobs..

Using two shades of blue embroidery thread I added the wave and vola!


I am happy to say he was really chuffed with it and I have to admit I am too..

Photographer Kos Evans on capturing James Bond.

The interview with Kos Evans is my pick of my features March’s etc Magazine…

Kos Evans went from taking pictures of sewage pipes to capturing James Bond. Laura Cartledge discovers her story.

Kos EvansEven reading Kos Evans’ biography is enough to wear you out.
An average day for the Midhurst-based photographer could include hanging out of a helicopter going 100mph in a harness or chasing powerboat world champions, all with a camera in hand.
“I know fear if I have the camera away from my face,” smiles Kos. “It can make you become immortal in some ways – you just focus on getting the picture.”
Going beyond the boundaries seems to be her signature style and arguably has helped Kos become an award-winning action sports photographer, regarded among the best in the world.
“It’s not by design – it is about going where the eye hasn’t been before,” she says. “Finding a new way of looking at it.”
Always on a quest for a fresh perspective has seen Kos search high and low – quite literally.
One memorable occasion was at the America’s Cup; a yacht sailing competition believed to be the oldest trophy in sport.
“They suggested, as a joke, that I should go up the mast of one of the yachts,” explains Kos. “I thought it was a great idea but got stuck halfway up.”
The Armada/ Elenora in the harbour of St.TropezJPET March13 Kos EvansHowever, this didn’t put her off, having got to the top and captured her shot the birds-eye angle has become one of her most distinctive. Now Kos has scaled some of the tallest yachts in the world, including the mind-boggling 208ft high mast of the super yacht Maltese Falcon.
To the other extreme Kos is no stranger to underwater photography, with one particular experience serving up more than a dramatic shot.
“I was working for Rolex and was six metres below the surface holding on to the anchor of one of the buoys used as a racing mark,” she explains. “But, as the first racing yacht came past it sucked the buoy towards its keel with me still attached.”
Thankfully Kos managed to pull herself away from the yacht just in time and also got the picture which went on to be used in a worldwide advertising campaign.
It sounds like something out of a movie, and as it happens Kos has worked on those too.
“Bond was very exciting,” she grins. “We worked on The World Is Not Enough.”
Kos was contacted by Eon Productions to see if she could provide a high speed chase boat down the River Thames.
“It meant having a £500,000 camera mounted on the boat,” she adds. “We had an explosive expert with us and foam floating on the water with two pounds of Semtex underneath. They were meant to go Kos Evansoff after the baddy has gone past and before us – but the timing was wrong. We were unbelievably lucky it could have blown the front of the boat off.”
The iconic opening sequence lasts only six minutes on screen but took a staggering six months to film, something which wasn’t helped by a request from parliament.
“We all had radio headsets and were told to stand down as parliament needed to have lunch and the noise from us was disturbing them,” laughs Kos. “There were loads of us just standing around for two hours.”
Despite her amazing experiences Kos regards it as “just another day in the office”. But with that office ranging from the war zones of Bosnia to clinging to a speedboat being driven by James Kos EvansCracknell at 80mph, it is clearly far from ordinary.
Kos has certainly come a long way since she was given her first camera by her father and grandmother, but her unconventional style was apparent from early on.
“On holidays I wasn’t taking pictures of the family but silhouetted sewage pipes and weird things like that,” she says. “I loved the sculptural shapes.”
Later she went on to study at the London College of Printing and honed her art in the black and white darkrooms at the Observer.
“I’ve been shooting for 30 years now,” she smiles. “I used to have bikes outside my house waiting for images but now I can send things across the world via the internet. I’m working on a new book and a new art project and hope to have an exhibition towards the end of the year.”
Walking on Water is Kos’ latest book and is packed with spectacular marine images.
The book is available from Bloomsbury (www.bloomsbury.com) for £30.
Funny fact: Kos’ previous book, 20×20, weighed ten kilos, has a carbon fibre cover and measured a metre wide.

~Originally published in etc Magazine, March 2013~

Stomp, Jeff Banks and a Ceramic House ~ wrapping up 2012

So I finally have some time to play with and figured, what with it being the last day of the year, it would be good to wrap up my year.
Fingers crossed this will mean 2013, and a new year of blogs, can start from a blank page.

First job then is to complete my article a month.

October brought the chance to make my own beauty remedies and an interview artist Tom Alywin. But my choice goes to my chat with Luke Cresswell, the former street performer turned creator of STOMP (a show I love and that had a great year with a performance at the Olympics.)

JPET OCT12 Stomp

 November and I discovered Family Support Work a charity who provide respite care and food banks to help those who otherwise would go without. A visit to the Wool Bar in Worthing saw me hooked on crochet and papercut artist Polly Finch proved why she was a cut above. However, once again, my featured article has to be an interview and the subject was fashion icon Jeff Banks.

Style: "Jeff5"JPET Jeff banks


December means it is time to talk Christmas. From lessons in table settings at John Lewis to perfecting party looks and learning how to sugarcraft I was a busy little elf. In Hove I met an international wrapping (with a “w”) expert and visited a castle for sale in Fittleworth. However my personal favourite wasn’t really festive at all – the Ceramic House in Brighton lived in and created by Kay Aplin.

Kay Aplin Nov12 Ceramic House

Phew! Just time to wish you all a Happy New Year. Roll on the adventures of 2013!

Image credits: Stomp picture by Steve McNicholas