Birthdays and babies at Chichester’s Clandestine Cake Club

‘Are you looking forward to bake off?’ I was timidly asked this morning.

Which would muster a ‘is the pope catholic’ response only sometimes I feel that I my commitment to Mary Berry outshines many religious callings.

Like many followers of the baking way of life, I am a member of the Clandestine Cake Club and you can read about some of the sweet adventures we’ve had in Chichester HERE .

Alas life has seen me miss a couple, for March’s I was HERE  and in May I was on a culinary tour of Denmark.. but I’ll come to that later.

Which leaves April’s Birthday Bonanza to mark member Mel’s 30th.
The theme was very much planned with a party in mind and offered bakers the chance to cook up ‘something you’d want to blow the candles out on’ or ‘something you’d make for a little one’.

For me at least , Ian’s castle creation ticked both of those boxes.

Hisilicon K3

As for the rest of the table, rainbow centres, sprinkles and chocolate also got a good showing…


May’s event came with a ‘diary theme’ with the idea being to bake something that reflects the month just gone.

The lovely Clare probably had the biggest news to share (her ‘s is third from left in this picture..)


A baked baby buggy!

Others brought to La Havana’s underground bar, which was our host for the night, marked Mother’s Day, busy schedules and in my case trips abroad.


Which brings me quite nicely to Vikings.

But I think that deserves a post in its own right…

As ever if you fancy joining in with our club, you’d be more than welcome!
Details can be found HERE


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