A moment of calm

Life hey?

It’s quite something.

I’m not going to make excuses. We all have them. Instead I’ll just try and catch up with myself.

Truffle cake

Truffle cake

Let’s start with cake shall we?ipp

The first cake club of 2015 gave a tasty twist to the idea of January sales, with the ‘budget’ bakes having to come to less than £5.

I went to one extreme – with a rum and dark chocolate truffle (trying to squeeze out every penny) while another member whipped up a Lidl all-in-one ginger cake mix which I believe cost 69p!

Loaf cakes were definitely on trend.


For Feb we went red and spicy, it is only right after all.

Hisilicon K3


The one in the centre at the bottom, picture above, was arguably the most unusual as the chocolate and raspberry exterior posted a peppercorn sponge underneath – surprisingly tasty!

Carrying on clockwise, the other chocolate number boasted ‘red soda’ in the batter, next was my offering – a giant cinnamon roll, top was cherries, then a nutty nutella number and finally raspberry and lemon.


Cake club isn’t the only thing in my diary, but it is a nice, regularly, monthly anchor. Which, when you are working in the future all of the time is not only nice but needed. It also reminds me that for March I missed it because I was exploring the south of France…

But, not wanting to go from a blog famine to flood, I’ll save that for now.



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