Three servings of Chichester Clandestine Cake Club

Grab a spoon!
It’s a much overdue cake club update spanning March to May, from boozy bakes to “something missing” with a bit of Easter in the middle for good measure.

March ~ Boozy bakes and other tipples
ippThis month saw we serve up, fittingly, a bit of a tipsy looking Butterbeer cake.
Inspired by Harry Potter and helped by butterscotch Angel’s Delight (yes really) thankfully it tasted better than it looked..

While my mum dished up a delicious Pina Colada which was made up of more pineapple than cake..


Our resident sweet shop owner (every cake club should have one) served up a cherry cola extravaganza (below left) and to wash it around was this zesty lemonade number… Thanks to Wests for playing host!


Then the Easter bunny paid us a visit.. something I took quite literally for my April bake.
ippIt was carrot cake.. of course. And I’ll upload a step by step for the bunny bum form at some point.
Other treats he brought us included everything from the traditional to the mini egg masterpiece.
Thanks to The Bell Inn for looking after us.

For May we marked the club’s 2nd Birthday with a trip to Marco’s and a game of “what’s missing.”
The theme was inspired by the growing number of alternative recipes around from gluten free to vegan, so anything was possible, as long as something was missing…
I went flourless with this raspberry and chocolate number topped with crunchie crumbs.
ippAnd, much like the dairy free number I made a little while ago it probably tops the list for bakes I have been the most chuffed with – which is no mean feat if you know what a critic I am! Even the chef came out for a sample and a thumbs up from him was good enough for me : )


Jan was also up to it again, after her tomato soup cake surprise, we had this beauty above. The hidden ingredient? Mash potato. While lovely Lucy treated us to dairy free vanilla, and the first outing of her heart silicone mould.
ippRight… with our next meeting tomorrow, celebrating everything Delia Smith (the date falls on her birthday) I better get a move the oven on!
We are always welcoming to new members (and more cake) so please check us out – – it’s once a month, usually the third Wednesday, and such tasty fun!


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