Tomato soup cake and other surprises

ipp“Cakes with a secret” might just be my favourite theme for Chichester’s Clandestine Cake Club yet.

I’ll be honest, my plan was simple. I like avocado, I like cake.. let’s see what we can do.
And I found the answer HERE 

It was beautiful, even if I do so say myself.

Rich, fudgy and … thanks to the avocado replacing the butter and eggs I could blissfully say it was “healthy”.. turning a blind eye to the chocolate and icing of course.ipp

It has been my most successful experiment by far and one I will repeat at the next given, slightly random, opportunity.

I mean just look at the rise on it..


While it was a small cakey gathering in January it was certainly not a dull one.

THIS is the tomato soup creation..


It was slightly spicy, totally fruity and it completely stumped us. Who would have thought – baking with soup? ipp

But that is exactly why I love the Clandestine gatherings. After whipping up my ever-reliable and predictable Victoria sponge for my first ever meeting    it’s been a fly-by-the-base-of-my-baking-tin experience.

Other bakes included the woodland number (above), no prizes for guessing the squirrel’s surprise inside, and this adorable hidden image cake..




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