Dinosaur DIY

Before the craft I think a little context is needed.

This is a story that is (roughly) about 225 million years old – but for me and the boyfriend it began by spending a brilliant afternoon here..

IMG_20131107_135632.. hunting for dinosaurs. Soon after Charmouth, Dorest, we went to a Queens of the Stone Age gig in London  and, deciding to make the day even more historical, we spent the rest of the time here..

National History Museum

National History Museum

Mostly staring open mouthed at these..



ippPretty cool/creepy right?

Ok, so before we knew it dinosaurs had kinda become our “thing” joining a random list which includes putting marmite into a lot of recipes and singing Lovecats like lunatics.

Which meant, come Christmas, I was looking for a ROAR-some (sorry) gift.

And this is what I came up with..



It’s simple but I like it. Mr Rex was a couple of pounds from The Works, the gold screw-in hook was 15p from a hardware shop and the glittery ribbon added some festiveish bling. Easy. To be honest I can’t promise this years tree won’t be filled with farm animals strung up in the same way : )

Look how terrifying he looked in the tree..


But this was just the start of the Dinosaur DIY.
Manfriend went two better.. (literally) by making me three prehistoric presents including two jewellery holders and a keyring..

The gang

The gang

From L – R there is the ring holder stegosaurus (with extra hooks), my T-Rex earring cup and Trachodon keyring.

But my favourite thing about them is when I opened T-Rex my manfriend said “this is why my deodorant doesn’t have a lid anymore..” Nope instead it has been tinfoiled and wired to a dinosaur.. worth the sacrifice I think!

My accessories mountain is certainly grateful..



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