DIY Christmas Jumper ~ Elephantastic

Manfriend’s mum loves that well known festive beast.. the elephant.

ippUm, yeah, so this jumper needed a bit of imagination. Not to mention it meant me having to do one of my least favourite things – drawing an elephant.

Honestly. They are up there with horses and photo-realistic faces when it comes to challenges and I will quite happily tip my hat in appreciation to anyone who manages to pull it off.

So yeah, there was that.. and adding antlers, a sleigh and the jolly man in red.

Needless to say this was the hardest jumper of the three…

But I think I pulled it off. Behold the one, semi decent, sketch of an elephant I will probably ever produce..

ippThen it was a task of sketching the templates for each colour onto bonderweb and pinning to the right colour felt..

ippA quick iron and cut out then the task of placing and layering began..

ippPeel, iron, layer, repeat.

Man was it fiddly. My suggestion would be to make each piece as large as possible. Fitting Santa’s face under his beard and hat would have been easier if I added some room for overlap.
Something I’ll remember that next year for sure.

ippCheck out the sparkly thread and black glittery felt.. it is the small things.

Hope you like them! I would love to hear your ideas for designs especially as my family have put in requests for this year.

I will start them earlier.. I will.. my famous last words : )






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