DIY Christmas Jumper ~ The Surfing Santa

I figured it was about time this blog lived up to its name and had some “stitch” to go with the “write” and the “up.”

DSCN4797So this is the first of three blogs on the jumpers I made pimped for the Christmas just gone.

They are beautifully simple, no knit, creations which really proves bonderweb can be your best friend.

Granted it would have been easier if my four sewing machines hadn’t all had a strop just when I needed them but hey, handstitching can be good for the soul.

So here goes.
Last year I made a slightly cannibalistic gingerbread jumper for myself and a snowman stick-up one for my manfriend… which probably say more about us than is healthy.
This year “surfing Santa” was made for manfriend’s brother.. no prizes for guessing he is a fan of wave riding himself.

My favourite thing is you can feature whatever you want. All you need is an idea and a sketch. Felt in the right colours, the wonderful bonderweb and sewing things…

I started by breaking down the picture to create templates for each colour:

Breakin' it down

Breakin’ it down

I traced these onto bonderweb, ironed them onto the felt and cut out before beginning the layering:
(Be warned the first pic looks a bit like naked Golum.. creepy)



As I added each new bit I peeled off the bonderweb backing and ironed, repeating and building as I went.

When happy I used black to stitch the outline and detail.. playing particular attention to the manboobs..

Using two shades of blue embroidery thread I added the wave and vola!


I am happy to say he was really chuffed with it and I have to admit I am too..


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