Christmas cakes with a twist


You know how they say a builder’s house is never finished.. it seems a writer’s blog is never written!
Popping that on my resolutions list for sure. But for now.. let there be Christmas cake.

November’s Chichester Clandestine Cake meeting was one of the tastiest yet.. which is saying something.
FEAST your eyes on this


So good, and impossible to name. The closest we got has a hazelnut meringue layered, poached pear in mulled wine, toffee and caramel cake topped with meringue mushrooms. Made by Laure , who last appeared at cake club on the previous November meeting.. it had me thinking she might be Santa. And it was just the start of the festive baked treats..



ippI think the maths made it 10 cakes and 12 people.. but to be honest I was on such a sugar high I couldn’t be sure.

My offering was a Chocolate and Christmas Pudding Baked Cheesecake that looked a bit like this..

IMG_20131120_182607Recipe inspired by the culinary goddess Sophie, aka The Cake Hunter. It’s the first time I had made a baked cheesecake and won’t be the last.


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