Totally addicted to perler beads

Remember how I was hooked on crochet? I am now going loopy for Hama beads (loop..beads.. there is a pun in there somewhere.)

Also known as perler beads you might recognise them from your childhood – or at least they were in mine.

You use a peg board to turn beads into designs then iron them to make it stick together.

It’s great for coasters.. or, garden gnomes and squirrels.. you know whatever!

Pinterest is to blame as it all started when I saw this –


found here

Before I knew it I was buying a tub of 10,000 beads from my nearest hobby craft and searching for anything which could be translated into beads.

Simple cross stitch charts for example are perfect!

Anyway… here are my creations so far…


Gnomie’s a bit sunburnt, but he they do spend most of his time outdoors..DSCN4105


And squirrel is radioactive.





These will probably be used on homemade Christmas cards

And then I made my family members coasters, each reflects them so might be a little weird…







I am working on some mini-bunting and a Pompey logo at the moment, as you do, and I have a whole host of ideas stashed here.

I’ll keep you posted and would love any suggestions. I still have a lot of beads..



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