Bakes to make the day brighter ~ Chichester’s Clandestine Cake Club

Time flies when you are eating cake – or so it would seem as this month’s meeting marked a year since I was first invited to the club.

Honestly I have to say it is one of the best things I have done.

The Kennels, Goodwood

The Kennels, Goodwood

This month saw us head to a brilliant, and beautiful location – The Kennels at Goodwood.

Kindly lent the library for the evening we all felt like real ladies who lunch.

Perched in armchairs, surrounded by orchards, volumes of old books and black and white photos…

I thought the lovely Aida of Whipped and Baked bakery in Chichester looked particularly happy in 0ur new home – Look at that smile!

While we also had a very special guest of the utterly adorable Edward who must be the youngest member yet at just 4 weeks old!

Aida Stephens

However the cakes lived up to the occasion.

The summer theme saw:

pina colada cake with malibu icing,

strawberries and clotted cream cake which was deliciously indulgent using clotted cream instead of butter,

a lemon cake topped with real flowers,
and two baked cheesecakes…

one rose and raspberry and the other blackberry.


All of which adorned the table of temptation.


While, after much deliberation, my offering was a Pink Lemonade cake with fresh strawberries…

Now I thought this would be quite simple. But I hate to think how long I spent searching each and every corner of the internet.

The problem was that every recipe asked for lemonade concentrate, which I guess is an American thing? I’ve certainly never come across it anyway.

Then, at the last hour, I found this.

It uses sprite or 7up instead of a raising agent, so I figured if I swopped it for Pink Lemonade I might be on the right track.

Pink Lemonade cake

Needing 350g butter, 600g caster sugar and 5 eggs meant the cake was always going to be a bit of a beast.

Plus it asked for 20 minutes of whisking. I’ll admit I did 4 minutes before I was bored so compromised and just did 10. My electric whisk was getting a little hot by this point.

I was apprehensive using plain flour but nePink Lemonade cakeedn’t have been…

Look at the size of it!

I topped it with strawberry icing, made using strawberry essence and more pink lemonade, and I am glad I did.

The flavour was very subtle – probably as a result of the lemonade being more for raising than taste – but the sponge was really nice and light (even if I do say so myself.)

So I think I will use the recipe again but work on giving it a bit more oomph.



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