The time travelling adventures of a magazine writer.

Time flies when you are having fun and when you are working in features.

At etc Magazine we work two months ahead which means I am never really sure what the calendar says in the real world.

Competition means I can never talk about something at the same time as I am doing it, otherwise we risk our rivals following suit, combine this with the fast paced nature and, by the time a magazine comes out in print, I’ve already forgotten what is in it.

honey cupcakes with marzipan bees

With this in mind I have been keeping a record – HERE – or at least trying to.

The fact, when I am writing this, it is only showing up until February of this year just proves my point.


And also illustrates that I am more than a bit rubbish.
Time to catch up with myself I think… but not wanting to take on the impossible lets start from my last post which was nearly a month ago…



black tea and honey cake by LSCartledge

Out of the office one of the highlights was the Chichester Clandestine Cake Club meeting was “The Best of British” and I made a Black Tea and Honey Cake. (Which kick-started an obsession with honey icing and led me to cupcakes with marzipan bees.)

Other delights at the CCC included an Eton mess, mess, by my mum and a delicious lemon meringue cake by the awesome Aida.

The next meeting is next week and is themed around our first birthday. Here’s hoping I manage to blog about it before our second.



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