Surrender ~ the perfect chocolate brownies.

Creme egg brownies“These are THE best brownies. Ever.”

Said my boyfriend (who I then had to physically restrain from face-planting the baking tray) – high praise indeed.

I got the recipe from here – one of the creme egg brownie recipes which was doing the rounds over Easter.

Frankly it seemed rude not to make them.

Let’s face it, I knew they would be good.

But this good?

Oh my! (And yes, the glass of milk is ESSENTIAL.)

So. Just to make it wasn’t a fluke.. I had to make them again.

Only this time I mixed it up a bit.

surrendered chocolateRaiding my stash of chocolate I opted for chocolate orange brownies.

I had to surrender a Lindt chocolate teddy bear but his demise was for a good course.

Here goes… to make the gooey chocolate orange brownie you’ll need:

185g unsalted butter 

185g of your choice of surrendered chocolate (I used the teddy bear, 20g of dark and some milk)

3 eggs

melted chocolate into egg mixture275g sugar. Caster will make it sweeter, light brown for deeper flavour.

85g plain flour 

40g of cocoa powder or hot choc powder, (I happened to have chocolate brownie hot choc so it only seemed right to use that.)

Chocolate to decorate, creme eggs, turkish delight thins? Here I used Aero orange chocolate balls.


Preheat oven to 160C. Grease your chosen baking tin,( roughly 20cm square.)

add the flourMelt the butter and chocolate together, using 30 second blasts in the microwave or in a bowl over boiling water, set to one side.

In a large bowl whisk the three eggs and 275g of sugar until it is about double the volume. The bigger the better.

Pour the cooled chocolate mixture into the egg and sugar mix and gently fold together to keep the whisked in air.

Add the cocoa and flour mixture and fold in to the mixture.

Pour into tin, cook for 15 minutes.

chocolate orange browniesTake out of the oven and gently press your chosen chocolate into the mix.

Then return the brownies to the oven for another 5-10 minutes.

The brownies should be squishy when they come out, they will harden as they cool.

Be patient, pour a glass of milk and then enjoy!





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