A double serving of the Clandestine Cake Club ~ naked and musical.

For our January CCC meeting we decided to try a different track, quite literally. We had Michael Jackson’s Black or White, My Girl Lollipop, Bed of Roses, Strawberry Fields and Barbie Girl. With a side portion of Spice Girls.

I made “Jammin'” Jamaican cake in the shape of a jam jar with cola laces for dreads but didn’t get a photo. I keep doing that, which might be an excuse for my lack of blogs, nothing to do with my addiction to crochet, no…

2013-01-23 19.35.59

2013-01-23 19.36.122013-01-23 19.34.42

2013-01-23 19.34.58

2013-01-23 19.35.36 2013-01-23 19.35.19

So I should probably explain the naked.

Not nude as in rude but as in icing free, our February meeting thankfully bypassed any themes involving hearts and turned into a “pimp my cake” session instead.

One of our members, Charlotte Briggs, teaches cake decoration. I went to a class for a feature a little while ago so was looking forward to refreshing my almost-non-existent piping skills.

I made lemon and blueberry sponge inspired by my favourite cupcakes

Lemon and blueberry sponge


And then made it prettier. Only I didn’t want to cover all of it, thinking it was nice to see the blueberries so I went a little abstract.

2013-02-20 20.16.58


And I was really chuffed with the results, as were my fellow cake clubbers

2013-02-20 20.09.47 2013-02-20 20.16.49Needless to say the sugar high was taken to new levels having devoured our bodyweight in butter cream…


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