A party hedgehog and homemade top hat

Mollie Makes party hedgehog
This would be an apologies post.. well, it kind of is, but I don’t think anyone needs to explain how that time after Christmas is so much faster than any other time.

So instead here is a picture of a hedgehog I made, thanks to Mollie Makes.
It was a not-so-secret Santa gift for a colleague of mine.
Every time we get a story in to the newspaper about the prickled ones needing a home she smiles sweetly at our editor. But no luck. So I figured this would be the next best thing.

cracking crochetNOW I have quite an exciting announcement.. for me at least.
I have cracked crochet.
Or at least can make Grannie squares. I am so chuffed and more than a little bit addicted.
Which is just as well seeing as I have worked out I need 36 of the things to cover the cushion I want to.
Also I have worked out I can make three in a football game but a fifth of one in a rugby game… conclusive proof egg chasing is the better game me thinks.

Oh and the top hat.

homemade top hat

It is amazing what you can do with a cereal box and a roll of black gaffer tape isn’t it?
99p and some scrounging was all it cost.. whereas actually buying one? Ouch.
I suppose I should explain the why and the whiskers.
It was for my friends fancy dress party. I went as a white rabbit and my manfriend, who is sporting a rather spiffing moustache at the moment went as a magician.
We swapped ears for hat at some point in the evening. I do have photographic evidence of him but didn’t want to share it and risk him hexing me. He does have a wand now. That isn’t meant to sound inappropriate.

On that note.. happy February!


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