Christmas Clandestine Cake Club

Seven is a lucky number they say. Please don’t ask me who “they” are.
Anyway. Seven = lucky. And my seventh  Clandestine Cake Club = the best yet!

2012-11-21 19.37.22 2012-11-21 19.37.01It might be more to do with the fact it was Christmas themed, and as gingerbread, mince pies, trifle, brandy butter and all the trimmings will tell you Christmas has the best food of all the holidays. Yes, I’m including Easter.

2012-11-21 19.38.31 2012-11-21 19.37.55

We had – One smothered in snowy marshmallow, two boozy creations (Guinness chocolate cake and Cointreau infused fruitcake), a glittery pistachio and chocolate cake, a marzipan fruit cake, a fat free cake which tasted too good to be fat free, Panforte, and a chocolate chip sponge reindeer…

2012-11-21 19.47.30 2012-11-21 19.36.39

While special mention must go to Laure’s buche de noel. Chocolate on the outside, a lighter than air sponge and a hazelnut mousse centre. It was honestly like Christmas had come early… : )

2012-11-21 19.47.51 2012-11-21 19.48.05


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