Stomp, Jeff Banks and a Ceramic House ~ wrapping up 2012

So I finally have some time to play with and figured, what with it being the last day of the year, it would be good to wrap up my year.
Fingers crossed this will mean 2013, and a new year of blogs, can start from a blank page.

First job then is to complete my article a month.

October brought the chance to make my own beauty remedies and an interview artist Tom Alywin. But my choice goes to my chat with Luke Cresswell, the former street performer turned creator of STOMP (a show I love and that had a great year with a performance at the Olympics.)

JPET OCT12 Stomp

 November and I discovered Family Support Work a charity who provide respite care and food banks to help those who otherwise would go without. A visit to the Wool Bar in Worthing saw me hooked on crochet and papercut artist Polly Finch proved why she was a cut above. However, once again, my featured article has to be an interview and the subject was fashion icon Jeff Banks.

Style: "Jeff5"JPET Jeff banks


December means it is time to talk Christmas. From lessons in table settings at John Lewis to perfecting party looks and learning how to sugarcraft I was a busy little elf. In Hove I met an international wrapping (with a “w”) expert and visited a castle for sale in Fittleworth. However my personal favourite wasn’t really festive at all – the Ceramic House in Brighton lived in and created by Kay Aplin.

Kay Aplin Nov12 Ceramic House

Phew! Just time to wish you all a Happy New Year. Roll on the adventures of 2013!

Image credits: Stomp picture by Steve McNicholas


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