Earl of March ~ the man behind the title.

Earlier this year I caught up with The Earl of March, to see the full interview please click HERE

Each year the Goodwood Estate have welcomed the public for more than 200 years and now attracts more than 750,000 visitors with the Festival of Speed, Revival and other events.
18 years ago the Earl of March took over chairmanship of the estate from.
But who is the man behind the title Earl of March?
Born in 1955, Lord March was educated at Eton College and is one of the most highly regarded characters in the motorsport and classic car scene. His enthusiasm is reflected in Goodwood’s Festival of Speed, which next year will celebrate its 20th anniversary.
However, before he took over the estate aged 40, the Earl of March was a photographer in London under the name Charles Settrington.
“Photography remains a great passion of mine, and I have just enjoyed having an exhibition of some of my work at a gallery in London,” he replies. “Sadly I simply don’t have enough time these days to really indulge in photography, but I still take real pleasure from it when I get the chance.”
His latest photography exhibition at the Bermondsey Project Space, entitled Nature Translated, linked his love of photography with his passion for Goodwood.
So how have things changed over the years?
“A great deal has changed since that first event in 1993,” replies Lord March. “Then, we hosted around 25,000 visitors. Today, the festival has grown to become the world’s greatest celebration of motor sport and car culture, and we had 186,000 enthusiasts attend this year.”
Lord March’s sense of pride in Goodwood can be seen in his initiative to start the Goodwood Revival, which began in 1998.
“It is truly special; a magical step back in time, as it was once described,” smiles Lord March. “I just love to see the spectators and famous faces dressed to the nines in their 1940s, 50s and 60s fashions, against the backdrop of a motor circuit unchanged since its racing heyday.”
It is clear Goodwood is keen to keep and celebrate its past, which is arguably what fuels its success.


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