“Bat-in-berg.” (aka Hidden image Halloween cake.)

I blame Great British Bake Off for this. And my love of messing around with words.

This cake was created for the Halloween Clandestine Cake Club.

I’ll admit the name came first, and I had to figure out the rest.

Chocolate Orange made sense for the flavours, orange and brown providing a good colour contrast as well as being Halloweeny.

Anyway, enough talking more baking!

I made the chocolate sponge first using a chocolate Victoria sponge recipe.

Once cooked and cooled I cut out bat shapes and left overnight (thinking this would help firm them up.)

Next I made orange bunt cake batter and filled a ceramic casserole dish (having found it was the only thing wide enough to fit the bats in) leaving a little bit of the batter aside.

I pushed the sponge bats into the raw batter, covered with them over with the spare and baked.

The tricky bit here is checking the sponge under and between the bats are cooked.

Having allowed it to cool I smothered the cake in chocolate and cut out bats from orange icing to decorate the top.


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