Marmite cake

First I should probably explain there was no Marmite IN this cake. (But you can find those HERE.)

While this cake was for a Marmite lover I was aware not everyone at the birthday bash would be a fan so I stuck to a plain chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream – after all who can’t like that!

I made three sponges. Two were sandwiched together to make the jar, the other was cut in half and sandwiches before being carved to the curve of the lid.

Once happy with the shape I melted dark chocolate and covered the cake as I didn’t want to use black icing (it doesn’t taste great) to get the dark base.

Once dry I used royal icing to create the white section of the label which I then let set before adding the red and yellow aspects from roll out icing.

The yellow pot on the label and green stripe was painted on and then I used a black icing pen to add the detail.

I was really happy with the end result, to be honest I had to keep taking breaks to walk around the kitchen as I was scared I would do something to mess it up : )



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