Clandestine Cake Club gets healthy.. well almost.

Roasted strawberry cake, banana and prune cake, chocolate and courgette cake
Inspired by the Olympics the theme for my fourth visit to the CCC was 5-a-day, giving us a chance to experiment with weird and wonderful fruit and veg recipes and kid ourselves we were being healthy.

This is what the menu looked like:

Catherine and Jody’s prune Chocolate and courgette cakeand caramelised banana cake,

Aida and Alice’s a roasted strawberry sponge with meringue top,

Claire and Claire’s beetroot, walnut and hazelnut cake,

Sofia’s summer berry, mascapone and white chocolate 4-layer sponge,New York cheesecake, "cabbage" cake

Lucy’s apple and blueberry cake,

Jenny’s lemon and poppyseed cake with buttermilk topping,

Becky’s chocolate and sweet corn cake,

Charlotte and Shaun’s courgette, walnut and chocolate cake,

Helen and Anna’s New York baked cheesecake with rasperberries and lemon curd,

Hilary’s (my mum’s) “cabbage cake” or rather a cabbage with a rabbit sitting inside of it made from carrot cake and buttercream,5-a-day cake

My roasted rhubarb and white chocolate sponge,

and Diana’s cake which she managed to fill with the full 5-a-day – carrot, courgette, nectarine, apricot and blueberries.

Yup, 12 full sized cakes. It was great fun and definitely the most adventurous club I’d been too, in regards to taste at least.

But I loved it, especially when I was pleasantly surprised and found I like the banana and prune cake, so much so I had to “try it” again.

And it was my first ever taste of a New York cheesecake, but it won’t be my last. Best off all my sugar-fueled daze was barely noticable! It would seem eating your 5-a-day really done have it’s benefits.

apple and blueberry cakelemon and raspberry New York cheesecakeroasted rhubarb and white chocolate cake


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