Oh My! I’m in Oh Comely Magazine

Sometimes things happen which make you just want to do a little happy dance.
This is most definitely one of them. It just started as a chance sighting of an article brief on the Oh Comely website. Seeking adventurers to explore in unusual ways.

I’ll be completely honest I knew straight away I wanted my granddad to be my guide around my own town. After all he knows Bognor Regis far better than I do, despite the fact I have lived here for 12 years and he lives near Nottingham and only comes for the occasional weekend.

It was a case of “you’ve got to be in it to win it,” so I cobbled together some words and sent off my pitch.

NEVER expecting to get a reply. But the next thing I know I have been sent a disposable camera with instructions to write captions and return in the pre-stamped envelope. It all felt very much like a secret mission I have to admit!

Then it was time to explore. I honestly had no idea where granddad and his friend Susan would take me. It turns out the answer was a lot of cheap cafes, a book shop and for fish and chips – which isn’t a bad day in my opinion!

I packed up the camera and waited. Before getting an email which made my heart sink – it seemed my adventure had gone on an adventure and got lost in the post.

I thought it was all over but thankfully I’d taken some pictures from the day on my digital camera so cobbled it together again in a last ditch attempt.

You can guess how this story ends, but at the time I couldn’t.
The happy ever after read like this:

“In the end, we only had room to use four people’s in our printed edition as there was just so much material for each person and we wanted to do them the justice of giving them the space they deserved. I am delighted to tell you that yours was one of them.”

Oh how I happy-danced.


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