Giants invade Clandestine Cake Club

This week saw my third visit to the Chichester CCC and it might just have been my favourite night yet.

The theme was big cakes little or little cakes big.

As you can see from this stunning  little wedding cake by Louise and this giant but elegant cupcake by Charlotte.


With 15 eaters and 10 cakes in attendance it was a feast, a party and a good gossip all rolled into one.
You might want to loosen your belt just to read this list but here is what we devoured:
A giant cherry bakewell cake made my Susannah 
A giant butterfly cake created by Caroline.
Develis food cake from Katherine.
A giant Jaffa Cake crafted by Jenny.
Giant iced gem cake with a perfect pink peak of meringue by Aida. 
A big lemon fondant fancy (that apparently looked like Mr Happy) from Claire + Claire.
The giant cupcake (above) from Charlotte + Shaun
A giant angle slice made by Katy who brought along sister-in-law Jane
Mini wedding cake (above) by Louise

And a confession from lovely Lucy who had fought bravely but lost with a giant triple chocolate nutty cupcake

Oh and I made a giant Homer-Simpson-would-be-proud-donut and took my mum along to see what I get up to on my monthly sugar fueled Wednesdays.
In fact I think having mum there had a big part to do with why I enjoyed it so much. Seeing how indulgent, fun and downright tasty CCC is through someone else’s eyes is quite something.

Mum, me, Aida and KatyAnd she enjoyed it too saying how refreshing it was for everyone to just tuck in. There were definitely no “oh no I shouldn’t” it was more “next slice is coming around folks, prepare yourselves.” Which I think is vital, cake is supposed to be pleasurable afterall! Plus after over-indulging we have been healthier since, it’s like a diet in reverse almost as I eat a lot better for the week or so after : )

Another nice thing was that the baking standard was very even across the board. (Other than my donut which I wasn’t that happy about – but I’m sure few bakers praise their own creations.) A surprise for me personally was the wedding cake as I’m not usually a fan – but Louise’s was amazingly light and deliciously fruity.

I’m already counting down to the next meeting…


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