Getting to know me…

Hello blogworld.

I always feel a bit strange talking to you as me. But I am not sure why.
I know this blog is a bit rambled at times, I suppose all I can say is that it reflects my job, my life and my interests – which are very rambled.

I like to share some of the stories I get to cover in my role as a feature writer. Some of the amazing people I get to meet and occassionally some of the crafty things I do. But as I am so busy sharing other people’s stories, or rather hiding behind them, I feel like I might overlook my own. I want to make more of a thread between it all and while I can’t promise it’ll be interesting I hope that some of it will be worth reading : )

Inspired by Jess Constable I thought I would start with “some things I’m afraid to tell you…”

I prefer rough towels to soft ones. I’m not sure why.

Recently I’ve started to call everyone “love” or “lovely.” I wish I could stop.

I’ve been a veggie for nearly 14 years. But bacon sizzling in the pan is my favourite smell.

Despite the fact I write for a living my spelling is rubbish.I don’t like apostrophes either

I cry too easily. Even the Christmas John Lewis ad had me welling up. 

In 2010 I moved home from university. I get on well with my family but can’t wait for a study to call my own. I can see the deep square bookshelves already.

Grass and sunshine bring me out in a rash. It’s nothing serious, just annoying and a little weird.

Man this feels surprisingly good! Not really sure what I was afraid of. Anyway, thanks for reading folks and I hope you’ll like the changes : )


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