We interrupt this broadcast for some brutal honesty…

Take a step back.
Not from this blog. I promise it isn’t going to explode or anything.
I just mean in general.
When is the last time you had a proper look around?
If you are like me it won’t have been recently and it won’t have been often.
It’s only dawned on me now because I’ve just passed my two years as a proper, full-time, working person.
On one hand it has flown by and on the other it feels like much, much longer. But all in all it has been brilliant.
And I didn’t realise just how brilliant until I was asked “what do you do?” the other day.
As I heard myself reeling off the amazing and often bizarre things which have made up my day to day life it made me see the bigger picture.
Don’t get me wrong I do not take it for granted.
Just sometimes I can’t see beyond the to-do list in front of me.
Which is such a shame.
I mean I would much rather reminisce about my four-day visit to The Gambia, recall the thrill of trying rally cross, or day dream about the time I shared my lunch with Raymond Blanc.
But I probably wouldn’t get much work done.
I think it is fair to say a lot of people are the same. We are all too busy.
I’m pretty sure there will always be something that ‘needs’ doing.
Just one look at my unwashed car tells me that.
But putting them off for a moment, to take stock, won’t hurt and it is so important. It can even make the a pile of washing up or paperwork waiting for you seem smaller.


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