Chocolate Roulade Tortoise with Suprising Insides

Please note this is a make not a bake.. but you can do it the long/proper way if you wish.

Either way I am pretty confident it will delight. Perfect for a birthday cake but it brought out the “big kids” in the members of my Clandestine Cake Club too.

It is really simple to make and the delight as you reveal the insides is something all ages can enjoy…

You will need:

Chocolate Roulade (I used one and a bit)
Chocolate, 2 bars (milk or your favourite)
Wiggly worms (or other treats for inside)

Clingfilm, a fridge, knife and a bowl.


1. Line the bowl with clingfilm.
2. Slice the roulade and build up the wall.
3. Use cake offcuts to fill in gaps.
4. Melt the chocolate and smother the inside – be generous as this will hold it together.
5. Put in the fridge to set.
6. Once solid turn out the roulade dome – this is the shell.
7. Place the “surprises” underneath.
8. Cut two slices of roulade in half to create the feet.
9. Use a thick slice to make the head – I used sweets for the features.
10. Cut a tail.
11. Stand back and admire.


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