Just keep swimming – surviving the Sussex floods

Home is supposed to be a haven – a place to feel safe and secure.
So when something risks threatening that it can make you feel more than a little helpless.
The biblical amount of rain this week has done just that.

Going to bed on Sunday night I listened as the downpour drummed at the windows.
Little did I know the same weather than was singing me to sleep would be the reason I wouldn’t make it into work the next morning.

As day dawned so did the realisation that our driveway had turned to water and the road to a river.
Which meant that of instead of our house looking after us, it was our turn to look after it.

It was a case of all hands on deck – pardon the pun – as we moved everything from downstairs to upstairs just in case.

Not wanting to add any more water to the ready-to-burst drains outside we took various measures. Including emptying the already full dishwasher and cleaning the contents by hand, like they did in the olden days, before tipping the basin out on the lawn.

Like when you have a power cut the floods make me appreciate the things we all take for granted.
For example – it says a lot when flushing the toilet seems like luxury and running a hot bath is out of the question.

I’m not one to leave the tap running while I clean my teeth but on the other hand I don’t usually think about where the water goes when I have a shower either.

It really makes you appreciate other things too.

Like the freedom of being able to just jump in the car and go where I wish. And how your loved ones can make you see the bright side of the bleak situation.

Despite spending most of the time in different rooms staring at our laptops there is still something reassuring from being in it together – even if the Noah jokes are wearing a little thin.


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