Road Kill Couture ~ An interview with Jess Eaton (part 1)

It will come as no surprise that Jess Eaton’s Road Kill Couture has created some controversy.
In fact when Brighton Fashion Week announced her collection would be hitting the catwalk things got so bad Jess was asked to intervene.
“There was so much abuse,” she explains, “people were saying things like I should be skinned alive. So I joined the conversation and people backed down when they understood.

“My work is about using everything – it is the ultimate recycling. I think it is a disgrace to just let animals rot,” says Jess. “If I had to kill something to make a jacket I wouldn’t do it. I couldn’t for something that banal, a jacket isn’t essential – you don’t need it.”

Jess’s passion means her work is designed to celebrate life, rather than glorify death. “The materials inspire me – there is no road kill shop,” she smiles, “so I have to work with comes. As a result the materials dictate the designs and for me it is about bringing them back to life. I really liked the pheasant collar, I like working with feathers and wings the most leaving them as nature made them”

“My proudest moments are private ones,” she adds. “Sitting alone in my studio and the challenge of making something which I didn’t think was possible. The construction is difficult. You can’t stitch or bend you have to use drills and nails.”


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