Convenience is missing the magic ingredient.

Convenience has a lot to answer for I think.
Granted it is mostly our fault.
As our lives have got busier we want things to be easier.
I mean when was the last time you de-podded peas?
If it was recently, and often, I’m impressed.
But chances are the majority of us are more likely to get our peas from the freezer than fresh. Not that there is anything wrong with that.
However I can’t help but think that sometimes by cutting corners we miss out.
This struck me at the weekend when I went and bought a birthday card for a friend. Something, I’ll admit, I don’t do often enough. Despite the dates all being carefully jotted down in the diary, I always find they sneak up.
Everyday life blocking them from view until it is too late to post anything (the old fashioned, proper, way) and instead I have to resort to posting on Facebook instead.
Then there are E-cards, which are a sort of compromise, but you can’t put them on your mantelpiece. And for me they don’t compare to the real thing.
I suppose the fact post takes time is exactly what makes it special. In fact “time” is often the magic ingredient.
Like with baking.
As much as those pre-measured “just add milk” boxes are good, you can’t beat homemade. I think the love, care and arm ache from whisking that goes into it means it still tastes better.
Then there is the new advert with Kate Winslet wandering around a video shop. She recalls the hours she spent there as a child wondering what to choose, it’s all nice and nostalgic… until you get to the end.
Where she basically says “now I do it all with a click.”


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