Read this on a sunny day…

British Summer Time is here, but it is more than the clocks that have changed.
Everything just seems more fun.
I even treated myself to a bubble wand the other day to celebrate.
Normally not being completely sure what time it is might frustrate me, but with blue skies and sunshine outside things like that don’t seem to matter as much.
In fact I quite liked the challenge of working out which clock was right.
Especially now modern technology means half of them will change by themselves.
To be honest I am still only sure of one thing – the clock in my car will now be an hour out until October.

But who cares? We have our evenings back.

Which compensates for sitting in an office for most of the week and watching as the weather paws at the window wanting you to go out and play. But more importantly it reminds us that the day doesn’t have to end when your working one does.
In winter months I’ll admit I have been spotted in my pyjamas before 6pm on a good day, figuring if the sun can’t be bothered to stay up why should I?

It’s amazing the difference the weather can make.
It’s not just the days which are brighter, I have a real spring in my step.
Which means I am making the most of what this area has to offer.
Whether it is watching the sunset over a lap full of fish and chips on the beach or just laying on the lawn.
You can tell nature is excited too.
Butterflies are in a flutter and the bluebells are blooming early.
At times London is expected to be warmer than Madrid, Rome and Athens.
Which could help to explain my holiday mood.

I am celebrating by daring to leave my coat at home, and if I am feel really rebellious I might take my cardigan off.


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