How to; fix the economy, keep footballers in line and sooth the benefits situation..

Simple ideas are often the best. And I think I may have come up with one which is bordering on genius.
Not only will it sooth the “capping benefits” situation and heal our wounded economy it will also help to keep premiership footballers in line.
Are you ready for this?
It really is quite brilliant.
We pay footballers £26k a year. The same amount the government propose to cap benefits at. And then we put the money that is saved into fixing our country’s finances.
Based on the fact some of the top players will get four times that sum a week I’m confident Britain’s bank account will be ringing the changes very quickly.
Plus £26k is still a very, very good wage, and there are a lot of people out there that do a lot worse for a lot less money. So getting paid that much to do something which is the dream of many is more than fair in my opinion.
The good ones, the ones who play for the love of the game, won’t mind I am sure. While those that kick up a fuss arguably don’t deserve to be where they are.
Without doubt it will make them all pull their socks up and behave better on and off the pitch. And some of them would then have more sense than money.
Afterall then a ban wouldn’t just mean they couldn’t buy another house or car that week. Instead it might mean dinner at The Ivy is replaced by beans on toast at home.
And there would be no pulling a “Tevez” who reportedly refused to even get off the bench when Manchester City took on Bayern Munich last September.
Playing football for a living is a privilege and I think it is about time it was treated as such.


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