5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Things About… Me! things about...Craft has become one of my favourite blogs and source of lunchtime entertainment. And every so often they do a little interview with a maker.

So I thought.. I’d give it a go. After all I spend so much of my time interviewing others, perhaps it was about time the tables were turned. Hope I can come up with something interesting!

One Project You Are Particularly Proud Of..

This is surprisingly easy to answer. It would be my Swine Flu Blanket that I made in my final year of uni. Explaining it is a bit harder.. basically it is a blanket, edged in a rose print border with the scene of ring-a-ring-a-roses printed and stitched into the centre. The figures were all taken from retro ladybird books, and given horrible and huge pigs heads. And they danced around the text with a twist.. instead of a pocked full of posies it was “we’ll all have snouts for noses..”

It is my favourite project for many reasons. It was the first thing I made which felt like it was completely me. It has current comment, a cheeky twist, writing and stitch. But best of all my dear, and sadly now departed, Nan helped me. She didn’t blink an eye at the idea, but was just proud of me for carrying on a hobby she so adored.

Two Mistakes You’ve Made in the Past

Just the two? I have to admit I sneaked a peek at people’s previous answers here. Well I don’t want to go head first into admitting I used to own, and regularly wear, a orange denim jacket do I?..

Anyway. In terms of crafty mistakes I wish I had appreciated how awesome my time at college studying for my art foundation was. I should have played more and thought less.. and sometimes I find that is the answer to good art.

Also I wish I had paid more attention everytime my Nan taught me to knit. It turned into a Christmas time tradition as every year I always forgot how to do it.. and alas.. she can’t teach me anymore, and learning from someone else just doesn’t feel right.

Three Things That Make Your Work Unique

Probably that I make it up as I go along. Sure I measure and I plan, but when it gets down to the making, I just wing it. I like that I am not taught and I guess I am just lucky my brain seems to work in an arty way. But I like to think this approach gives the end result a sense of freedom and lightness to it.

Meaning. I might blame this on my love of literature or the fact my brain barely ever SHUTS UP. But yes I am all about the meaning. Whether it is in my artwork, like the swine flu blanket and “instant equality beards” I made or just a gift for a loved one. For me it is the thought which really counts : )

Embracing any mistakes.. or “quirks” as most makers call them. Usually I am quite a particular, list making, “just so” kind of girl. (Just ask my boyfriend who tried his best to decorate our tree only to find me sneakily taking off and replacing each bauble when I thought he wasn’t looking.) So for me embracing things that are wrong, to the point I honestly believe the odd stitch out of place or wonky seam are what make homemade so special.

Four Tools You Love to Use

My rotary cutter. I first got introduced to this beautiful invention on a quilting course at West Dean. It is amazing and makes cutting everything and anything quicker and smoother.

Pins. Sounds simple but I feel like you can never have too many. Ok, that might not be true when I kneel on one and damn and blast the pointy blighters. But in general, they rule.

My mum’s mum’s sewing machine. It smells like warm dust, spits furballs like a particularly unhappy kitty, and noone seems to be able to use it but me… but I love it.

Bondaweb is what holds my universe together. It’s simple, it’s brilliant and it makes stitching Christmas jumpers a breeze(ish).

Five Inspirations

My Nan has to top this list. As while her guiding hand and limitless expertise are no longer around her stash of fabrics, two sewing machines, tins of buttons and piles of patterns still live on in pretty much everything I make.

Happiness. Sounds cheesy. Is a little cheesy. But the feeling I get from giving someone something which is completely unique and is full of heart is… if I am honest, the reason I do it at all.  

Craft. (Other internet inspirations are available) Nuff said.

West Dean, near Chichester. It’s more inspiring than an inspiration but this little haven of craft goodness really gets me in the mood for making.

The challenge : )


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