Crafting Christmas – Seasonal Scented Hearts

They say good things come in threes, and hopefully you will agree that is true of this – the third and final festive make from my time at The Textile Space  as seen in etc Magazine.

Christmas Hearts

The traditional filling of hearts is lavender but these you can use any of those wonderful Christmassy smells by just a few drops of essential oils.  They make wonderful Christmas tree decorations or presents. 

You will need;                

  • Card – an empty cereal box is perfect
  • Pencil and/or chalk marker
  • 2 x 16cm square of fabric (for one large heart)
  • Polyester fiber filling (also known as toy stuffing)
  • 20cm of ribbon
  • Essential oils – your favourite smells.  I have used orange, pine and cinnamon.
  • Needle and thread – or sewing machine
  • Scissors and pins

1. For this it is best to have symmetrical hearts. The best way to do this is using the flip method (see table cloth.)

2.  Cut out two heart shapes from your fabric and put right sides together. Fold your ribbon in half and place in the centre of your heart with the loop inside the heart leaving about 1 cm poking out at the top.  Pin together.

3.  Then stitch around the heart either by hand using a back stitch or with a sewing machine leaving a 5cm opening.

4.  Turn inside out and cut off the point of the heart and put little snips around the curves of the heart so that it lies smoothly.  Turn it to the right side and iron.

4.  Take a bit of your filling and fill the top of your heart first.  Then add a 5 or 6 drops of essential oil to a bit of filling and wrap with more filling before putting it into the heart. 

5.  Once your heart is filled then stitch up the opening with a little slip stitch.

You can add decoration to your heart with buttons or more ribbon.  If you are going to give it as a present you could always embroider their name onto it with a little running stitch. (The little felted hearts can be made at The Textile Space, see upcoming classes.)


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