Crafting Christmas – Festive Felt Bunting

This is the second installment from my wonderful making time at The Textile Space. To see the full article pick up a December issue of etc Magazine : )

Festive Felt Bunting.

What would we do without bunting? Recently it has been everywhere and this Christmas is no different. Plus this simple, but effective, method means you can make bunting without a sewing machine and make it as fancy as you like. 
This makes about 2.5m of bunting

You will need:

  • 3m of ribbon or cotton tape – 1cm or 1.5cm wide
  • ½ m of a mixture of coloured felts
  • Card for templates – an empty cereal box is perfect
  • Pencil and/or chalk marker
  • Scissors – again the sharper the better.
  • Needle and thread

1.Iron your felt and lay out on a flat surface.
2.  Make up your templates following the same directions as the tablecloth.  Your shapes should be approximately 15cm long. (About four of each in different colours)
3.  Mark out your shapes on the felt, (you need about 36 shapes for the one we have made) cut them out. Feel free to add decoration to the shapes using stitch, buttons or anything else that you fancy.
4.  Take your ribbon and turn each end in by 4 cm and stitch down to create your loop.
5.  Lay out your ribbon and then have fun working out which shape should go in which order leaving approximately 5cm in between each. When you are happy with your layout gather them up in the right order and then stitch on to the ribbon using three or four little stitches and secure on the reverse of the ribbon with a little double knot.

Other ways would be to make this with much smaller shapes and use on your Christmas tree so get decorating or if you would like to make more traditional bunting using a host of different fabrics then check out The Texile Space workshop list for December.


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