Colonel Gaddafi – captured/shot/killed

The options above depend on which news site you read, but whatever the truth is the end result doesn’t look too rosy for the notorious dictator.

And neither should it most of us would argue.. however I have to admit having heard the news I am in shock.

It’s not that I feel sad a such, he is/was an evil man. But I guess part of me is just worried that Gaddafi’s won’t be the last blood shed.

[Please note link below features graphic images.]

As a comment on the bbc report puts it ~ “Great, another dictator “ousted” by western backed “rebels”. How long before Libya decends into chaos and the scavangers decend on Libya.”

However as another says ~ “Gaddafi has been the face of Libya for decades, now that Gaddafi is gone, i hope the new face of Libya will reflect not just the face of the new leader, but the face of the people on the streets struggling to feed their family and working hard for their communities, regardless of which religion, ethnic or educational affiliate they belong.”

I just hope I am wrong, and that this is the end of the horror and the start of hope.



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