A week in Wales ~ Day 6



It’s our last day in dragon country and for the first time we wake up to sunshine. Typical isn’t it? 🙂
However we have been very lucky with the weather maintaining a grey but mild stance for the majority of our stay. The only exception being when we were on our 5 hour hike along the coast. Then it rained. Typical.
At least it does mean we get to take a slightly different photo of the castle – this one has sunshine.
After a lazy breakfast and catching the first half of the Wales Vs France rugby world cup semi final we pile in the car for the last time.
Luckily our time in Wales isn’t over just yet however as we stop for a few hours in Cardiff on the way home.
I don’t know what I was expecting really but whatever it was I am pleasantly surprised. As away from the sea of red-wearing-rugby fans drowning their sorrows (a harsh ref decision saw them one man down before the whistle blew when they were just one point down) were some amazing buildings, a pretty park and a castle. Meaning it is definitely on my list of places to return to, along with Pembrokeshire, which I guess is the best way to sum up a wonderful week 🙂


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