A week in Wales ~ Day 4


Today we parked at Bosherston Lillyponds to start our walk which took in Stackpole Estate, Stackpole Quay, Barafundle Bay (where we enjoyed a picnic lunch) Stackpole Head and Broadhaven before heading back to the car.
Stopping for cream teas, crab hunting and to let frogs hop across the path it took about 5 hours.
Mostly flat it was fairly easy and had a great variety of views, from shore, out to sea, amongst the sand dunes and not to mention the beautiful ponds which would have been great just on their own. But I have to admit the best part was slipping my boots off at the end and enjoying a nice hot shower before heading to Tenby for dinner.
We ate at The Plantangenate, a very swanky establishment where the main dishes almost justified their hefty pricetags (around £25) which is very high praise from me.
Exhausted and well fed there is no prizes for guessing where I am headed..


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