Decisions decisions

It would seem smart phones are so called because they make you feel stupid…


If you stare at the above image for two and a half hours you pretty much know how I have spent my morning.

And the last two weekends.

It’s that time again. New phone time. Not just because my contract has run out but because my current phone only likes to charge if you prop it up, put the cable at a certain angle and then talk to it nicely.

The only problem is, in the last two years, a lot has changed. It would seem asking for simple things like.. buttons.. has people looking at you like you are a weirdo.

But I have finally taken the plunge, and as luck would have it, the chosen one was not one of the ones above. Despite spending hours working out who would win in a battle between the HTC wildfire or the Samsung Galaxy Mini. The end result being the first was better, the second was cheaper and had the option of coming in my favourite colour.. green.

But no. Instead I went for the Samsung Galaxy Ace which is currently on charge. Eight hours and counting before I step into the real world! Should give me time to read, reread and make my sister read the manual and pick a cover to purchase : )

Wish me luck!


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