5 Beautiful Blogs…

My own updates have been a little thin on the ground of late but I think I have a way to make my excuses and make it up to you in one go!

The reason is I have stumbled across other blogs full of crafty inspirations of what to make or bake.

1. A Beautiful Mess is written by Elsie Larson/Flannigan who runs Red Velvet a quirky vintage shop.

The blog shares her finds, likes and even the build up to her big day and how she made a business.

2. Coco Cakes This blog is pretty much what it says on the baking tin. Lots of cakes and lashings of inspiration. The only problem is they are based over the pond in Vancouver, but that just means I’ll have to attempt to whisk some up myself.

3. Doe.C.Doe If you like vintage sewing patterns, being inspired by thrifted finds or the occasional picture of a dog dressed up this is the blog for you.
Everything is stylish and it comes as no surprise it is written by a graphic designer.

4. Feeling stitchy If you are looking for inspiration of something to stitch this blog does the hard work so you don’t have to.

They seem to source far and wide for reasons to pick up a needle and the end result will definitely leave you… feeling stitchy.

5. A Girl Called E It’s very hard to sum this site up..

Book reviews, sweet treats and much more all I can say is that it is brimming with good taste.


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