Janet Clare ~ Sussex Stitch Artist

As you (might) know, every month I post my favourite article that I have written for etc Magazine here.

With a blink and a gasp of “well would you believe it” here we are in August, and that means it is decision time. The August issue is a Wedding Special, which means I have a lot of beautiful things to choose from. Including a piece on where to wed abroad and another on some very funky favours.

But I didn’t choose either of them, and I didn’t choose my interview with Janet Clare either but I love her work so much I thought I would blog about her anyway…

They are so simple, quirky and fun I think it is impossible not to fall in love with them. The horse-patch-quilt in particular really gets my sewing impulse inspired. Done using jointed templates, a technique Janet came up with, the possibilities are plenty when it comes to adapting the style to suit your own ideas.



While the free machine drawing of a girl with her dog is a great idea for adding life to an exisiting object.

I suppose I better warn my friends and family now, given the chance my sewing machine will be pimping anything it can get it’s needle on in the not so distant future.

To find out more about Janet, please click here.

To read the interview in full, please go to page 108, August, Sussex edition here.


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