Happy 90th to HRH Prince Philip.

Best known for his offensive tongue Prince Philip turns 90 today.

I’ll admit I wasn’t overly pleased when the telly was flicked over to watch Fiona Bruce try and get words out of the royal stone but at the end I was glad to have watched it. 

Granted he called journalists, and in turn..me.. “professional intruders.” Which at first seemed a little harsh, but on reflection seems very true.

So perhaps I, and many others, have been judging him too harshly.

I can’t pretend some of his comments haven’t been uncalled for or racist, and I don’t think that is excusable no matter your social standing. But what it all seems to boil down to is the fact he doesn’t suffer fools gladly and has a very fast and sharp wit.  

Neither of which are attributes we can berate him for. In fact knowing this he should perhaps be commended as it can’t make life as a royal a walk in the park.

Many people criticise the monarchy for being out of touch or out of date but I like them.

They personify tradition, and our cultural identity. Something we seem to be rapidly moving away from in our modern world.

So in short, Happy Birthday to the Duke. And long live them all : )


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