Cross stitched babygrows

I can’t believe I am old enough to have a friend who is expecting. Having friends who are having babies might not seem like a rarity nowadays.

There were so many in my little sisters school year that it no longer became a hot conversation topic and changed to “the first person to have twins.” Sad but true.

However seeing as I spent most of my school days either in the library or playing cards with the boys it’s never been one of my friends with a bump.

Til now.

And to say I am excited is an understatement. I had a bit of eyewater when the news was announced and viewed every scan picture like Christmas had come early. And last weekend was the babyshower and gave me the perfect chance to dig out my pins, needles and cottons…

As the gender of the baby is not known I had to keep it neutral so went for a “Mini McCoy” (surname being a safe bet) cross-stitched in rainbow colours…

While the second one went for the awww-factor with a family of elephants taken from a simple sketch of mine and completed in a simple running stitch.

I’m really happy with how they look, and luckily so was the Mum-to-be. I wish them all the best, they all deserve every happiness and that is one very lucky bump!


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