Tie – Dye – Nails

Or water marbled nails.. or just pretty funky nails.

You can call them what you like : )

I came across these beauties while stumbling around blogworld and just had to have a go.

It is messy but it is fun and I think the end result is worth it. It’s a bit of fun and helps prevent the normal nail trauma of wanting perfectly pristine polish.

How it works:

1. Get a tub of water, polishes and a straw.

2. Paint your nails a base colour.

3. Let a drip of different polish drop onto the water surface.

4. Spread it gently with the straw.

5. Scoop a finger through the floating polish and catch the quirky goodness.

6. Repeat until happy.

7. Jump in the shower or wash hands in warm water to get rid of polish on fingers.

8. Flaunt those fingertips.


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