“It’s not that easy being green…”

and Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party and MP for Brighton Pavilion agrees.

I interviewed her yesterday and have to say I was very impressed with her practical approach to politics. The Greens are often given stick for being overly idealistic but Caroline made sense. And refreshing sense at that…

Here is a sample of what she told me;

“Everyone knows about the campaigns such as not overfilling the kettle and using public transport but I don’t think it should be about lecturing people, it should be down to the government to help people be green.

For instance it costs a fraction to fly the length of the country than it is to go by train! For as long as it is cheaper we can’t be surprised that people are making the choices they are.

It is about price signals and it is about making services such as public transport available, affordable and reliable. People are being limited by policy rather than being enabled, that is what the Green Party want to change it’s about making the green options easier.”

Here here!

For the full interview please check out etc magazine in July.


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