Baking cupcakes to banish stress

As you may have read in my column below I’ve given up buying lunch.

To prevent me missing the bakery delights of M&S I decided to make some of my own, plus the frustrating England vs Scotland Six Nations rugby match gave me plenty of pent up oomph to put into my whisking…


First into the oven.. Jaffa Cupcakes.

Light chocolate sponge with a zesty orange icing.

Really easy to make, the icing sugar is mixed with orange juice instead of water and then sprinkled with zest.

You can really taste the fresh flavours and the warmth of the chocolate. I’ll definitely be making them again..


Then the banana and maple syrup cupcakes with sweet cream cheese icing…


Yes I know they aren’t as delicious looking but proof is in the yummy noises right?

And they are yummy, so moist from the mashed banana and the icing is something else!

I have to admit I was apprehensive when reading it, cream cheese icing doesn’t exactly get the mouth watering.. but it is goooood! It’s creamy and sweet and has such a depth of flavour, if I wasn’t tasting it I wouldn’t have believed it possible. I like lent already!



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