Bangers and mash saves the day.

You know when you have one of those days?
A bad things come in threes.. just when you think it can’t get any worse.. everything just seems to go wrong.. days.
I had one yesterday. And to top it off I came home to find my Dad was having one too. Now my bad days are pesky enough but to see it written on someone you care about’s face? That just makes it horrible.
I did what I always do. I looked for the silver linings. Just little smile-inducing things to help rebalance it all, and this is what I found…

Usually lampposts tell you what is lost. I like that this kitten was in a safe place and it’s human friend was helping it get home.

It also struck me that I would quite like a kitten. Perhaps one day, when I have walls covered in book shelves, a room just for my creativity and a campervan…

The second thing is a simple pleasure.. but then the best things are. Strawberry and mango tea in my funky birthday mug from my lovely sister and a gingerbread man. But not just any gingerbread man. He was spontaneously brought by my work-friend to cheer me up. Sure it was a thinly disguised ginger jibe but look at his grin! How couldn’t he not cheer me up. But I’ll be honest, biting his head off cheered me up even more!!                               

Get to the bangers and mash I pretend I hear you cry! Here there are. Pretty ordinary, it certainly doesn’t have a cape to warrant it’s day-saving hype. But it did. I love making mash. Those poor potatoes were not only mashed with marge and milk but pounded with the stress and general annoyance of the day…and man did they taste good!

At the end of the day I settled down to a cooked meal with my family, and lets face it that means I don’t really have much to moan about at all.


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