Secret Santa

I’m the newbie at work. This means I still get excited by the little things and am generally more enthusiastic. Unluckily this meant I was put in charge of secret santa and given the brainache of writing the list, checking it twice, and making sure I hadn’t missed off anyone!

But, like with most things, I decided to seize the job in hand and do the best possible.
It started with the box..

While taking the flaps off to help wrap it I thought it was a shame to waste the cardboard-opportunity.. so I made a neck, head and antlers.. without realising it my sticky tape activities had caught the attention of my colleagues and they played the theme tune to Art Attack…

Now my gift for the editorial office’s secret santa wasn’t high on the imaginative scale. It did go down well but it wasn’t very crafty.. luckily for my sewing supplies I had also been invited to be part of the Admin office’s festive fun, and I made this..

Cute isn’t he? And as the person I had picked is not only ALWAYS cold but also a bit of a sewing-phobe it had thought behind it too! Win-win.

Crafted together from some red fleece, a old brown t-shirt, embroidery threat and two shirt buttons it was really simple to do! I got the pattern for the robin from a festive cross stitch set I’ve brought at Wilkinsons for just 98p! It looked like this..

But I gave him a heart belly.. because I am adorable like that and got rid of the weird lop-sided mouth.. so it actually looked like this..

Simples. Yes, I know the heart ended up.. abstract? But still I’m very pleased with the end result and it went down really well. Sadly not very secret (my stitch addiction is well-known) but they liked them so much they suggested I made and sold them! You don’t get much higher praise that that.. now if only I had the time!


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