Twickenham and train sardines.

I love rugby and I have so many good memories of watching it with my dad as he shouts at the ref and I generally jump up and down making noises.

So you can imagine how jealous I was when I found out he was going to Twickenham as part of a work event and taking two of his colleagues with him…

AND you can imagine what a shame it was that the snow prevented one of them from being able to make it.

: D

3 trains and nearly 4 hours later I was there. Or rather here..

Magic isn’t it?

It was even worth playing “train sardines” which looked a bit like this >

Apologies for the horrible photograph but I barely had room to breathe. Now I’m not going to start a big government-need-to-spend-more-on-public-transport-if-they-expect-us-to-use-it-the-fares-are-astronomical-and-the-service-quality-leaves-a-lot-to-be-desired..rant.. oh no.. too late.

But all in all I am a silver-lining kind of girl and it was great to get to spend some with Dad watching some world class rugby (Barbarians vs South Africa). The atmosphere was amazing and people had set up food stalls at the bottom of their gardens lining the road to the stadium, police on horseback were directing the crowd and despite one amusing shout of “lower tuition funds” all was friendly and fine. (All of which.. I hope you’ll agree add up to reasons why Rugby will always trump Football)..


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